The Rebel Alliance

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I had been having a rough day. After attending a march, I was feeling generally upset. I feel that every tactic available is on the table to combat fascism, fear, and intolerance.

As I learn lessons in life, I’ve learned a bit about my personal strengths and weaknesses. I am not suited to fight someone. I will lose in a fistfight. I’m lightweight even when soaking wet. So I appreciate those who will stand up physically to those who mean harm out of ignorance and fear. I’m not great at speaking or debating. I think abstractly and mechanically, but not terribly linguistically in the moment. So I appreciate those who can speak and inspire and educate and sooth.

So what do I do? How do I expend this energy, simultaneously elevating and frustrating and crippling? I don’t know. And sometimes that’s okay.

It slips out sideways as a need to just make something. It’s peripherally related, but not directly. It’s meant to tickle sensibilities that make people curious. Inspire in people a sense of wonder and quirk that will maybe leak into balancing out this mess. Curiosity will combat ignorance. Understanding will conquer fear.

I strapped a model A-wing to the front of my scooter. An iconic starfighter of the Rebel Alliance. Behind it, a camera to witness the event for sharing to anyone within range. It’s nerdy and small and joyful. It’s my own tiny act of rebellion to the hard-hearted, ignorant, and fearful parts of the world.