Green Screens

Fall 2009; I had been back-and-forth via e-mail with Ryan O’Neal (Sleeping At Last) trying to find a good opportunity to create some visuals for his work for a couple of years. It finally came when I was in the process of moving back to … Continue readingGreen Screens


Winter 2013 – Spring 2014; Anomalisa was a difficult job for me. I was brought on to the project as an animator. That’s why I packed enough things and sublet my home to temporarily move to Burbank. My first impression of the situation was that … Continue readingAnomalisa

Honda “Paper”

Summer 2015; Leaping forward in time, I’ve kept in touch with PES and continue to accept his invitations to work. As a Director, he continually pushes the boundaries of the work he wants to be doing. These projects are always a welcome mental challenge. I … Continue readingHonda “Paper”

I’m Impressed

In the summer of 2007, I interned at Bent Image Lab. “I’m Impressed” was my first art department experience. Paper was a material I had been getting familiar with, so helping to build a whole bunch of props and robots was really fulfilling. At one … Continue readingI’m Impressed


Fall 2008; Scrabble was my first real commercial stop-motion job as an animator. The prop-master had me starry-eyed talking about working on the “HBO Starship” earlier in his career. I didn’t know it at the time, but what made a PES production shoot different, was … Continue readingScrabble

The Rebel Alliance

I had been having a rough day. After attending a march, I was feeling generally upset. I feel that every tactic available is on the table to combat fascism, fear, and intolerance. As I learn lessons in life, I’ve learned a bit about my personal … Continue readingThe Rebel Alliance

Long time coming

About two years ago, I did some animation for the short film “Two Balloons.” Part of that involved rigging and building a number of practical effects, not least of which was a large table to contain the ocean. It was an absolute pleasure and challenge … Continue readingLong time coming