Green Screens

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Fall 2009; I had been back-and-forth via e-mail with Ryan O’Neal (Sleeping At Last) trying to find a good opportunity to create some visuals for his work for a couple of years. It finally came when I was in the process of moving back to Portland from my time in New York (I still miss subway stairs).

The track was “Green Screens” from an album called “Storyboards.” It wasn’t a big budget by any means, just enough to buy a month of my time alone, so I set that deadline for myself. He never knew it, but I really needed the money to drive my belongings from NY back to PDX. So I threw myself into it for a month. I didn’t give a lot of wiggle room with approvals, but I was pretty satisfied with the ideas and storyboard I had come up with. There are a few moments that get a bit boring, but overall I was very happy with the way it had turned out. I kept things simple where they needed to be and complex where I could. I put most of my energy into the build process and depended a lot on a hand-crank turntable I built to keep things moving and visually interesting. I also think this was pre-video assist with a DSLR and Dragonframe using a watch-folder for preview.